Our Story

Morgan, Meredith and Associates developed its roots in the basement of founding partner Dan Morgan’s home.  Created in 1987 Dan Morgan and Associates focused on managing fundraising events for Members of the House of Representatives. Many leaders called on Dan for his expertise then worked with him for years once they met him.

In 1991, Dan gave Todd Meredith an opportunity to assist him with his growing business and they slowly began offering direct mail services to their clients. At first, an order of 1,000 pieces of mail would max out their capabilities, as everything was done by hand including applying the stamps and sealing the envelopes.

Then one day, Dan’s father presented him with a used envelope sealing machine he had purchased at an auction. The manual work of sealing all those envelopes was in the past and could now be done by the machine, nicknamed “the crusher” because it would routinely destroy envelopes.

In the mid 90’s Dan made Todd a partner and the firm became Morgan, Meredith & Associates. Over the years they’ve raised dollars for over 200 Members of Congress and hundreds of Non-Profits.

The firm grew and as more employees were added, they moved out of the basement. Over time, they outgrew several spaces and today the company is housed in a 26,000 square foot office facility where the Morgan, Meredith and the Direct Mail Marketing Group team, produce millions of pieces of mail per month, hundreds of fundraising events per year, and performs the Federal Compliance work of campaigns across the Nation.