Caging Services

MMA’s caging clients receive donations from many different avenues, including direct mail, newsletters, call centers, the Internet, and events.   Adding to the challenges of processing contributions within the political arena is a vast litany of State and Federal regulations.

With the multiplicity of donations and varying regulations, most organizations spend a significant amount of time and money processing these gifts.  This also translates into headaches for finance departments as they attempt to reconcile the flow of funds from multiple settlement streams into multiple bank accounts.

Using the latest in modern hardware, software and best practices, all donations are managed in a uniform manner, resulting in consistent data and timely reports to our clients. Predicated upon establishing a process that is always consistent, MMA’s caging services is a very simple, efficient and cost-effective solution for the challenges faced your organization.

How It Works:

All setup processes are completed by us. We open the caging bank account and a P.O. Box for all your donations in which to collect. We can even have the donations go directly to your organization’s office.

Once set up we’ll collect, record, and report back your fundraising successes in a timely, secure and state-of-the-art fashion.

 Services Offered:

 Clerical Duties:
  • Daily mail pickup from local P.O. Boxes, batching mail, opening mail, recording donations, batch balancing, package material to be mailed, scanning, faxing, shredding, quality control auditing, preparing deposit tickets and depositing funds to bank accounts.
 Escrow/Accounting Duties:
  • Post deposits, invoices, payables, bank and merchant fees, issue payables and postage checks per client request, reconcile cash journal and bank statements.
 Reporting to you:
  • Once setup we’ll provide you a daily, weekly, or monthly report on the results of your fundraising so you’re up to date on every dollar brought in.
 Credit cards and Online Donations:
  • If your organization would like to offer their donors credit card payments we can help you set up those processes as well. Never deny your donors an opportunity to give.

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