PAC Fundraising

“The biggest thing that differentiates us from our competitors is the way we think. We bring to our clients an entrepreneurial mindset, which from the very beginning focuses on new money, while elevating their current fundraising performance” -Todd Meredith

PAC Fundraising is like so much else in Washington – it’s all about who you know. And at MMA, we know people.

Our PAC fundraising department has a collective database of Washington movers and shakers that numbers in the thousands. But we don’t just rely on word of mouth among friends – we focus our efforts on the most likely supporters, based on the particulars of each client’s campaign and background. And we really hustle for our clients. Through a combination of emails, faxes, phone calls, and in-person contact on the Hill, we get the word out. And year after year, campaign after campaign, we meet and exceed our fundraising goals for our clients.

PAC fundraising is all about who you know – and when you know MMA, you know the right people.

How we can help:

PAC Fundraising

  • Determine your best PAC targets based on each client’s background and election cycle
  • Provide info on your race to PACs
  • Follow up with phone calls/emails to PACs
  • Set up meetings and introductions in DC with PACs
  • Plan, staff, and manage fundraising events in Washington, DC with PAC community
  • Keeping Finance Director & Campaign Manager updated on PAC fundraising success
  • Work with National, State and Local Committees to ensure sharing of information and common fundraising goals
  • Access to the most comprehensive database of PACs and Lobbyists in DC.

Finance Planning

  • Determine what are realistic goals for your Campaign or PAC
  • Determine a diversified approach to bringing in donors
  • Leverage and monetize your campaign or PAC’s strengths
  • Identify and build any weaknesses in your fundraising strategy

Steering Committee Creation

  • Plan and create your steering committee made up of your best PAC supporters.
  • Hold quarterly steering committee meetings, because your current donors are the best salesmen for new support


  • With a full staff of seasoned Compliance Professionals MMA will ensure your campaign or PAC is in compliance. Learn more.

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