Thanks Adrian

We thank Adrian Robledo, the manager of our lasering department for Direct Mail Marketing Group. He celebrates his 15th year with us and was here when we had only one printer and a sealing machine. Today we compare Adrian to the leader of an orchestra as he and his staff orchestrate lasering work on 25 separate lasering machines daily to personalize our mailings.

Congratulations to Cheryl

Congratulations to Cheryl Freauff our Senior Vice President. She celebrates over 20 years with MMA / DMMG. Cheryl has spent the last two decades working with dozens of members of congress as their fundraiser, treasurer and FEC compliance advisor. In addition she organizes the direct mail production for several nationally known non-profits . She’s known for her dependability and gets the job done right.

FEC Reporting

You can never hear the announcement below enough.  Those organizations that have forgotten to file or file late will find themselves in a difficult position with the Federal Election Commission.  The FEC requires that all Federal Campaign Committees and Political Action Committees file reports of all Receipts and Disbursements made in a certain period. The 1st Quarter 2014 reporting period ends on 3/31/2014. This report includes all receipts and disbursements for the period covering 1/1/2014-3/31/2014 with the final report due to the Federal Elections Commission on 4/15/2014.

Also, during an election year, Political Action Committees (PACs) that file quarterly may find it beneficial to file monthly. The benefit is monthly filers are not required to file pre-primary reports, including states holding special elections, to which the PAC has contributed funds.  The monthly report is due on the 20th of the following month.  For example, March 2014 activities would be due on April 20, 2014. Committees who would like to change their filing status must do so in writing to the Federal Election Commission prior to reporting under the newly requested monthly filing status. PACs are only allowed to change their reporting status once per calendar year.